Tournament name: English Super Cup Tournament in Manchester. Gene6 Beginners Football Academy won the tier 2 Trophy.

Gene6 Beginners Football Academy is a registered football academy with the Corporate Affairs Commission and Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) with the main purpose to harness the raw talents of youths spread across the nation.

In view of the above, we at Gene6 Beginners Football Academy are using this opportunity to admit students for the 2021/ 2022 football season with the utmost aim of eventually harnessing and sponsoring these successful talents on scholarship to European Football Leagues.

We as a football academy have been able to establish ourselves with football clubs in the United Kingdom (UK), Germany, Scotland, Spain, France, Italy, Wales, Ukraine, and Turkey. Our relationships with these clubs have been very cordial and encouraging over the years with the promise to them that we will identify and export the talents to them as soon as they are discovered.

So this is an opportunity for everyone within the age bracket to achieve his/ her dreams.

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